Nursery Operating at Covid Level 2

Under Covid Level 2 we can send orders nationwide.
You are welcome to make purchases online through the website, via email or over the phone. 

Please stay safe.



At the time of your checkout you will be asked to select a Post & Packaging relevant to the value of your purchase.  All orders are shipped via NZ Post.

At present:  All orders of 10 or more plants and/or tools are sent FREE.

Normal rates below.

Post & Packaging Rates:

Shipping: 1-10 items to a NON Rural Address.  $9.50

Shipping:  1-10 items to a RURAL DELIVERY Address.  $14.50 

Shipping: 11 or more items to a NON Rural Address.  $14.50

Shipping: 11 or more items to a RURAL DELVERY Address.  $17.40.

Over $200 Order    Post, Packaging & Handling = $20

International Orders  are charged at International Airmail rates, a minimum of $40.  Plants cannot  be exported from New Zealand.

Delivery Times   I will endeavour to have your order to you as soon as humanly possible.  Mostly orders are dispatched within the next couple of working day from here, all going to plan - but sometimes this just can't happen.  Weather and seasonal demands are usually the only delays and I hope to have allowed for this in the maximum time frames given. 

New Zealand customers should have their orders received within a maximum of 15 working days and outside of New Zealand within 21 working days.  If for some reason I am unable to deliver within these time frames then I will let you know.  If you require your order delivered by a certain date then please email me to make sure I can do this for you.


Packaging of Plants

Your plants are not sent in pots; but bundled in newspaper & plastic and then packaged to freight. It is difficult to freight plants and I have used this method for the last 33 years. I found sending the pants in their pots wasn't that sucessful for me - plants tipped out of their pots and the box was open to the elements and unfortunately theft. My freighting method is not perfect and the plants will arrive a little bruised, but it is the better option for me and where I live. I am able to use NZ Post and your plants are delivered right to your door and not a courier depot miles from where you live – you will appreciate this point if you are rural. NZ Post is the fastest service available from here.   I get the odd complaint, nothing is perfect but on the whole 99% of gardeners are happy. So if you are ordering from me then please note the shipping method; this then will help you be prepared too to plant your plants as soon as possible on arrival.