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Astilbe chinensis

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Astilbe chinensis  Chinese Astilbe

Astilbe chinensis, also known as Chinese Astilbe, is an excellent addition to any garden. It is a small plant, standing no taller than 30cm when in bloom, with foliage that reaches around 20cm.

This plant is easy to grow, making it a great choice for both new and experienced gardeners.  This variety of Astilbe grows best in areas with partial to full shade and in humus-rich soil that is slightly damp but well-drained. What sets it apart from other Astilbes is its ability to tolerate more sun and drought conditions, as long as it receives adequate water.

The Astilbe chinensis is an effective groundcover due to its low-growing, spreading nature. It creates a green carpet-like effect when planted in clusters, making it a visually pleasing addition under trees and shrubs.

The blooms of this plant are also a noteworthy feature.  They are lavender-pink in color and bloom from late summer to early autumn, adding a beautiful pop of color to your garden.

With the addition of Astilbe chinensis, the aesthetic appeal of your garden is guaranteed to increase.