Ashton Glen Coopworth Sheep Stud  



Flock No.  332   SIL Code.  4774

Ross, Ruth, Callum and Byron Mitchell  

Estate Road,  Wairuna  RD2, 

Clinton.  South Otago

Ph & Fax.  (03) 4157-687  or  0274 338 613



New on Farm

This year we purchased 2 Beltex Rams and they have been mated with Sufftex, Suffolk & Coopworth ewes.  We await an interesting outcome!

If you are interested in updates in the resulting progeny then add your email to the list of interested people ... email us


Rams for Sale 2018

A Catalogue will be available after 1st November 2018.  Rams are for Sale on-farm.  Contact us for an appointment.

Inspection and enquiries are most welcome for all rams for sale.  Contact details above.

All rams are SIL recorded.  Veterinary inspected.  Brucellosis Accredited.  




NZ Beef & Lamb Sheep Industry Awards 2012

Dual Purpose Flock.  Commendation.

Alliance High Performance Flock.  Commendation.

See Beef & Lamb website for more info here

About Us

In 2004 we began sourcing stud ewes.  We purchased hoggets from the Tahatika Stud (Keith McNab), and later mixed aged ewes when the Tahatika stud was dispersed.  We brought older ewes from the Colhoun Stud, and also 2 tooth ewes from Lincoln University.  We then had a total of 82 ewes which was enough to register a flock.  In January 2005 we purchased a high indexed ram at the Coopworth Ram Sale in Gore, from the Tai Stud (Ozzie Hickman) - and so we were now "on our way."  We have been very fortunate with the ewes we purchased as they all had an excellent genetic history, and being able to purchase from the three different studs has given us good links and a great base.  After the completion of two lambings, we would have to say it has been the easiest and the most hassle free beat ever done.

Our aim is to breed structurally sound sheep with high genetic merit.  Production emphasis is placed on fertility, growth and meat using SIL performance Indexes.  Excellent mothering temperament is an important factor also.